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Contact us : 0033 (0)130 611 772

i n f i n i t y  Package for only 2995€/mth for 6 months. 3495€/mth after

Super Fast French Broadband up to 28Mega/sec (depends on line & location)
Free Calls** to UK landline (voip) 24/7 or other countries
Free Calls** to French landline (voip) 24/7
Free Calls** to FR MOBILES for 5 months (voip) Then 6.95€/mth. Optional
No Line Rental needed or France Telecom line.
You keep the Same Phone number
Free French line & number included
WiFi Modem to connect your computers & Tablet...
Free English Technical support

CALL US : 01 30 611 772

Infinity Guide (fiche d’information standardisée): PDF

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Keep your Original line live on the wall socket
at 16.99€/month you save on the France Telecom line rental.

No more France Telecom bills.
Free calls available

If your Internet connection is down, you will still have the ability to use your landline phone.

Intervention of France Telecom technicians if needed.


Temporary Broadband ?
From 19.95€/mth for the first 6 mth & 26.95€/mth after

You are not residing permanently in France.

You need internet temporarily.

With FlexInternet you can connect for 3 months and get disconnected afterwards.

Free calls & Line. (optional)


Open a new line

Own a home in France ?

Need a new telephone line installed ?

We can manage the whole process for FREE.

We manage your line activation with France Telecom and arrange the engineer’s attendance at your property.

You pay only the France Telecom installation fees.

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